Rally to End Abuse at Allegheny County Jail

The Pitt School of Social Work surveyed those incarcerated about their treatment and heard horror stories. They’re told the food is sometimes served with rat feces, roaches or even rocks. So it’s no surprise that nearly 90% of inmates reported that they frequently go to bed hungry. When it comes to medical treatment, inmates are reporting that they go days without taking their prescriptions. One man said he goes without insulin, which is critical to his survival. While the prison population has decreased by 33% over the years, the number of deaths have increased! Less People should not mean more deaths. Yet, 17 people have died while incarcerated in the last two years. Please act now before it’s too late!

Given the state of the jail and the inaction of those responsible to make critical changes, The Alliance for Police Accountability (APA) will be standing with their partners during an informational rally on July 28 in Market Square, from 4:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m., to put the Warden and the Jail Oversight Board on notice, as well as to spread the word to the community-at-large.

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