During COVID-19, a mid adult manager video conferences with his team.

What Black Pittsburgh Needs To Know | About Race and Work

How does someone’s race impact their work experience in Pittsburgh, particularly during a global pandemic? That’s the question at the center of this episode of What Black Pittsburgh Needs to Know. The live conversation will share what workers can do to fight for their rights and achieve racial and economic justice. The show features remarks from the newly formed Pittsburgh Black Workers Center, which is currently building a coalition of Black workers. Panelists will also discuss the explosive rise in Black entrepreneurship; moreover, the training and incubation opportunities at Riverside Center for Innovation. What Black Pittsburgh Needs to Know is moderated by Dr. Cheryl Hall-Russell, President of BW3, and features remarks from Jasiri X, CEO of 1Hood Media, Jamil Bey, Ph.D, CEO of UrbanKind, and Miracle Jones, Director of Advocacy and Policy at 1Hood Media. What Black Pittsburgh Needs to Know is brought to you by the 1HOOD Media Network.

What does Black Pittsburgh need to know?

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