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Patient Zero | This Week In White Supremacy

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD interviews the $100 Million dollar man, Van Jones, who in an upfront and bold fashion tackles the tough, grassroots questions about his political ties and intentions, his impact on Washington D.C., CNN mainstream media, and the Obama White House which inconspicuously made him cancel culture’s patient zero

In this revealing interview we sit down with renowned political commentator, activist, and advocator for criminal justice reform, Van Jones. 1HOOD Co-Founder & CEO, Jasiri X, delves deep into aspects of Jones’s professional journey, from his early radical activism days to his tenure in the Obama administration. He also provides insights into his current efforts towards prison reform, even if met with accusations of selling out black culture. This conversation covers Jones’s views on politics today, the challenges he faced in navigating bipartisan dialogues, and his intriguing encounters with influential figures. He shares his strategies and commitments to create impactful change, despite all the embroiled controversies and misunderstandings surrounding him. This bold, open-hearted dialogue sheds light on the reality of working towards progressive policy reform within a polarized political climate. __ Van Jones burst into the American consciousness during the 2016 presidential campaign with an unscripted, truth-telling style and an already established history of bridge-building across party lines. A longtime progressive activist with deep roots in the conservative South, Jones has made it his mission to challenge voters and viewers to stand in one another’s shoes and disagree constructively. He pushes people on both the left and the right to be better.

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This Week In White Supremacy is The 1Hood Podcast discussing the cultural effects and weekly injustices surrounding white supremacy; through intelligent, insightful commentary and often comedic conversations this podcast is geared towards adults who want to digest the latest news and events with humor and Hip-Hop.

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00:07 Introduction and Background

01:38 Interview with Van Jones Begins

02:04 Van Jones Discusses His Early Career

02:50 Van Jones Talks About Receiving $100 Million Prize from Jeff Bezos

07:51 Van Jones Discusses His Vision for Decarceration Industry

12:03 Van Jones Reflects on His Journey to the White House

12:14 Van Jones Discusses His Work in Prison Reform

20:15 Van Jones Recalls His Experience with Cancel Culture

28:35 Van Jones Discusses His Recovery and Return to Activism

29:09 Van Jones Shares His Encounter with Prince

35:03 Finding Support and Understanding the White House

36:37 The Current Political Landscape and Its Challenges

38:30 The Revolution and the Counter Revolution

40:14 The Struggle for Prison Reform and Bipartisanship

42:01 The Misunderstanding and Miscommunication in Politics

43:09 The Controversy of Engaging with Opposing Parties

44:08 The Importance of Dialogue and Understanding

45:12 The Criticism and Defense of Controversial Actions

45:48 The Impact of Activism and Organizing

46:35 The Struggle for Progress and the Role of Activists

49:10 The Power of Coalitions and Progressive Politics

01:02:48 The Challenge of Changing the World

01:08:22 The Influence and Impact of Van Jones

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