On Tilt: The State of Black Mental Health in America Returns for a Second Season

On Tilt: The State of Black Mental Health in America is back for a second season! The bi-weekly Facebook program, hosted by Steel Smiling Founder Julius Boatwright and National Mental Health Advocate Dannielle Brown, will now include current event segments and recurring show guests, such as mental health professionals, activists, and other local and national speakers. The show will spark conversations about healing, racial justice, and peace. According to the Psychiatric Times, Black Americans face increased risks of depression, anxiety, substance use, and suicide due to intergenerational trauma, systemic racism, and the global pandemic. And most recently, Yale’s School of Medicine found that Black Americans reported pandemic-related mental health concerns at a rate almost 10 percent higher than White Americans.

The podcast aims to remove barriers to African Americans obtaining mental health care. Show hosts include Dannielle Brown, national mental health advocate, and Julius Boatwright, Founder of Steel Smiling. The show takes place Tuesdays at 6 PM EST (Bi-weekly beginning Tuesday, May 3, 2022) on Facebook.com/1HoodMedia.

On Tilt will advance Steel Smiling’s mission to bridge the gap between Black people and mental health support through education, advocacy, and awareness. Currently, Steel Smiling’s Mental Health Workforce Development Program (Beams to Bridges) equips Black adults with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to serve as Community Mental Health Advocates. The show will also increase the visibility of The Marquis Jaylen Brown Foundation, which amplifies the voices of mothers and students to challenge social injustices and the status quo of policing and mental health in the United States.

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