August 16, 2017 - McAllen, Texas, USA - A female Border Patrol agent frisks a young Central American man who had just crossed the Rio Grande River seeking asylum. A steady stream of Central Americans, ranging from single children to entire families fleeing gang violence, continue to make the dangerous journey across Mexico to the U.S.

ON TiLT | The State of Black Mental Health and Policing in America

Black Mental Health and Policing In America are at the forefront of the news again because of the Texas Border Patrol’s treatment of Haitian Migrants, and on top of all that, there is backlash about the massive police response media coverages to finding Gabby Petito, a missing white woman, while ignoring missing people of color. Julius and Dannielle will talk about this and more on today’s episode of ON TILT.

ON TiLT | The State of Black Mental Health and Policing in America is podcast focused on ways black people can maintain good mental health despite being affected by the brutal policing in America.

ON TiLT is co-hosted by Julius Boatwright, Founder & CEO of Steel Smiling Pittsburgh, and Dannielle Brown, Founder and CEO of The Marquis Jaylen Brown Foundation.

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