FREE Computer Classes at Homewood Community Engagement Center 

The University of Pittsburgh’s CEC in Homewood offers programs, services, workshops, and something for everyone from children, youth, young adults, adults, single mothers, fathers, entrepreneurs, seniors, and families.

The CEC in Homewood is part of the University’s aligned Neighborhood Commitments. Forming strong partnerships with Homewood and surrounding communities, the University intentionally establishes long-lasting and long-term commitments of investment, infrastructure, programming, resources, research, and staffing in Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods.

Starting this week, they will open a computer lab to the community on Wednesdays and Fridays. (No pre-registration is needed.)

In addition to free computer classes, the following programs are offered:

Medication Education and Wellness Center (MedWell)

Ask questions and receive information about your medication!

Brought to you by the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy. Community members will interact with pharmacists and trainees to ask questions and receive information about their medications and overall health. The structure of programs includes individualized appointments such as comprehensive medication reviews, drop-in events such as health fairs and screenings, and group classes focusing on disease prevention and leading a healthy lifestyle. With your permission, the PittPharmacy team can coordinate and communicate recommendations to other groups within The WELL.

Comprehensive medication reviews may be conducted by a pharmacist or a student pharmacist with a licensed preceptor. Depending on availability, these meetings may be scheduled in advance or offered to walk-in visitors. During the meeting, the pharmacist will complete an interactive medication review to assess the visitor’s medications and improve their medication-related health outcomes. The visitor will receive a personal medical record and a medication action plan to help manage medications due to the review. If necessary and with the visitor’s permission, the pharmacist may refer another healthcare professional to arrange appropriate follow-up.

Register here.

Community Research Fellowship

Pitt students partnering with local leaders for community-based research

The Community Research Fellowship supports undergraduate Pitt students in collaborating with local community partners in exploring relevant social issues through community-based research. The research may take place part-time during an entire academic year (a cohort continues through both fall and spring semesters) or full-time during the summer. Any interested Pitt student may apply, including a research proposal, statement of interest, and support letters from a faculty mentor and community partner. The research could include survey design, focus groups, interviews, data analysis, or other relevant research methods. The student stipend for the Fall-Spring Community Research Fellowship is $1,000 per semester, and the student stipend for the Summer Community Research Fellowship is $4000, provided by the Honors College. Community partners interested in partnering with a Community Research Fellow may contact Stacie Dow, [email protected].

Check out current and past projects at the Pitt Honors Blog:

Arts and Sciences Hiring Initiative

An initiative providing job fairs and career development support

The Dietrich School Hiring Initiative is a program managed out of the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and College of General Studies that works with the Community Engagement Center to facilitate job applications to open positions in the Dietrich School. The school offers information sessions, resume and cover letter writing, and interviewing advice. The Dietrich School also provides an annual Ready To Succeed Staff Fellowship, where individuals can gain valuable work experience, on-the-job training, networking, and mentoring through a 9-month work assignment.

A call for applications for the fellowship will be announced through the CEC in Homewood and the University’s job board (

Business Research Clinic

Free and confidential research assistance for entrepreneurs.

The University of Pittsburgh’s Business Research Clinic offers entrepreneurs no-cost and confidential research assistance to help better gather critical information about customers, competition, and industry better to understand the opportunities and limitations of their business ideas.

The Business Research Clinic can help you:

  • Map out competitors, partners, and suppliers
  • Gather consumer demographics and track trends, attitudes, and behaviors
  • Determine market size, demand, and market segments
  • Identify industry opportunities, challenges, and outlook

To schedule a consultation, please visit:

Small Business Development Center Consulting

No-cost, one-on-one consulting to help entrepreneurs develop, grow, and strengthen their business

Pitt’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence (IEE) provides best-in-class small business consulting services that develop, grow, and strengthen your business. Consulting arrangements are strictly confidential and are provided by highly skilled professionals at no charge. Suppose you are exploring the idea of entrepreneurship, working to get your start-up off the ground, or considering opportunities to grow and develop your established business. In that case, the IEE is here to help. With expertise in every industry and every stage of the business lifecycle, their professional staff offers expert advice in various areas.

Contact the Pitt IEE to learn more about this program: [email protected]

You can check out what’s happening at the Homewood CEC here. If you are looking for a service and/or program but can’t find it, please get in touch with Outreach Coordinator Sierra Russell at [email protected].

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