1Hood Media Receives Major Support in Fight to Eliminate Racism

Joins National Organizations Awarded Grants from Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand

In celebration of Michael Jordan’s 60th birthday, Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand announced $2.3M in Community Grant awards to 48 grassroots organizations across the United States, including 1Hood Media here in Pittsburgh. The grants will help create more equitable futures for Black people. The 2023 round of community grantees includes 43 new organizations along with a re-investment in five organizations previously awarded grants. 

“1Hood Media is thrilled to have been selected once again for the Community Grant by Michael Jordan and his iconic Jordan Brand,” says Jasiri X, 1Hood Media Founder and CEO. “The fight to eliminate racism is ongoing. We must advance social justice movements not only when we witness horrific events and participate in protests but also when we dismantle unfair systems and heal centuries of traumas.”

In order to be eligible, grassroots 501(c)(3) organizations must have an operating budget of less than $3M and share a tie to one of the Black Community Commitment’s four key pillars: economic justice (to build generational wealth in Black communities); education (to help schools adapt curriculum, diversify staff and engage in educational reform efforts that prevent discrimination); narrative change (to increase awareness of the role race plays in our history to drive a deeper understanding of the consequences of racism in our everyday lives) and social justice (to build social and political capital within the Black community by investing in and advocating for policy reform.) 1Hood Media, along with its local partners, has worked tirelessly in each of those areas.

“We believe that these community organizations aren’t just local changemakers, but that they are dreamers, makers of generational bonds, and neighborhood leaders with an authentic understanding of how together they can create transformative change,” says Craig Williams, Jordan Brand President.

Inspired by the notion that movements to create systemic change have limitless potential at the local level, Jordan Community Grants, a program of the Black Community Commitment (a 10-year, $100M joint commitment between Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand), were first given in 2021 and awards one-year grants to organizations leading sustainable solutions in their cities. 

Click below to learn more about the latest grantees. To learn more about the Jordan BCC visit www.Nike.com/Jordan/Purpose

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