What Black Pittsburgh Needs to Know

What Black Pittsburgh Needs to Know | What’ Up Black Pittsburgh! Watch, and Share! This is something ya’ll need to Know. Have you seen Peduto’s racists tweet? As a continuation of last weeks show, this week will put you on to Toxic Whiteness. Jamil Bey, Ph.D, will introduce you to the concept, and talk about how it spills over into our lives—exactly how are white behaviors justified? and Why has it gone to a whole other level in recent months? Our guest Farooq Al-Said, 1Hood’s Director of Operations, can’t wait to weigh in on all of it! What Black Pittsburgh Needs to Know is moderated by Dr. Cheryl Hall-Russell, president of BW3, and features remarks from Jasiri X, CEO of 1Hood Media, and Miracle Jones, Director of Advocacy & Policy of 1Hood Media.

What does Black Pittsburgh need to know?

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