Concept showing Moratorium for evictions by showing eviction notice on table during coronavirus or covid-19 pandemic

What Black Pittsburgh Needs to Know | Eviction Moratorium Updates

This episode of What Black Pittsburgh Needs to Know will feature special guest Brenda L. Harris(Just Mediation) and Marcus Reed (Northview Heights Tenants Council) in an informative panel discussion about the current conditions surrounding eviction moratorium and the Pittsburgh Housing Authority. What Black Pittsburgh Needs to Know is moderated by Dr. Cheryl Hall-Russell, President of Black Women, Wise Women, LLC, and features remarks from Dr. Jasiri X, CEO of 1Hood Media, and Dr. Jamil Bey, President of UrbanKind Institute. DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed during this presentation are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 1Hood Media, 1Hood Power, and or its affiliates. What Black Pittsburgh Needs to Know is brought to you by the 1HOOD Media Network.

What does Black Pittsburgh need to know?

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