Pouting crying businessman brat wiping tears from his crybaby face

This Week In White Supremacy | Right Winger Rodgers

Who’s crying more? Kyle Rittenhouse or Aaron Rodgers? Tune in to This Week In White Supremacy for this week’s hot takes and commentary about Aaron Rodgers throwing yellow flags at Covid, Rittenhouse’s emotional showcase, and all the latest antics of white supremacy around the world. This Week In White Supremacy is a 1Hood podcast discussing the cultural effects and weekly injustices surrounding white supremacy; through intelligent, insightful commentary and often comedic conversations this podcast is geared towards adults who want to digest the latest news and events with humor and Hip-Hop. DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed during this presentation are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 1Hood Media, 1Hood Power, and or its affiliates. We do not own the copyrights to the selected songs, audios and/or videos in this broadcast. *Parental Discretion is Advised This Week In White Supremacy is brought to you by the 1HOOD Media Network

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