Pressure in the Chest. Close-up Photo of a Stressed Obese African American Woman Who Is Suffering From a Chest Pain and Touching Her Heart Area.

ON TiLT | From Trauma to Triumph

This week Julius and Momma Brown will explore going from Trauma to Triumph by sharing how their own hardships became the backdrop of so much good, including creating the ON TiLT podcast. ON TiLT | The State of Black Mental Health and Policing in America is a broadcast focused on ways black people can maintain good mental health despite being affected by the brutal policing in America. ON TiLT is co-hosted by Julius Boatwright, Founder & CEO of Steel Smiling Pittsburgh, and Dannielle Brown, Founder and CEO of The Marcus Jalen Brown Foundation. ON TiLT is brought to you by the 1Hood Media Network.

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