North Braddock, Pennsylvania, USA 3/7/20 The Mon Valley Works Edgar Thompson Plant steel mill operated by United States Steel company on Braddock avenue

ON TiLT | From Trauma To Triumph | Fawn Montgomery

ON TiLT | From Trauma To Triumph | Fawn Montgomery Take a Break and tune in! Season 2 is kicking off with our special guest Fawn Montgomery (Co-Founder and Executive Director of Take Action Mon Valley (TAMV). Their purpose is to equip communities with the necessary knowledge to leverage local grassroots community organizing and to gain power and influence over decisions that directly affect the community. Thus, creating sustainable change and increasing the conscious-level of residents. We plan to talk with Fawn about how she turned her Trauma into Triumph through TAMV. ON TiLT | The State of Black Mental Health and Policing in America is podcast focused on ways black people can maintain good mental health despite being affected by the brutal policing in America. ON TiLT is co-hosted by Julius Boatwright, Founder & CEO of Steel Smiling Pittsburgh, and Dannielle Brown, Founder and CEO of The Marquis Jaylen Brown Foundation. ON TiLT is brought to you by the 1Hood Media Network.

What does Black Pittsburgh need to know?

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